Monday, November 01, 2004

Redskins and Kerry

A Redskins loss this weekend might not be such good news for John Kerry. This has been the year of broken streaks. It started with the Olympics and that little gymnist guy. Wasn't he the first American to win gold in that event? I think I read that.

Then, the Red Sox ended the curse. Then, the Patriots got beaten. So, it isn't such a good year to count on any help from statistical anomolies.

The two best indicators both point to Bush.

Halloween masks are a good political indicator. The candidate whose likeness was sold most, wins. This year, it was Bush, by a hair.

Also, the little kiddies. The Weekly Reader does a vote for little kids every election. They've been right every time they did. This year, they went for Bush in the popular vote and Bush won every state except Maryland in the "electoral college." This may or may not be a good indicator. You could argue that the kids are voting along the parental lines, or that the kids are rebelling and voting opposite the parents.

As for personal anecdotal evidence, my teenage twin daughters go to a "politically active" school. The kids have chosen sides. During lunch, if a member of the opposition party walks by, they boo. This year, the Democrats are getting louder and longer boos.

Here is my prediction:

Popular Vote Electoral College
Bush: 49.1% 301
Kerry: 46.5% 237
Nader: 3.1%
Other: 1.3%

No lawsuits, no major problems, plenty of allegations, but by midnight tomorrow, Bush will be the winner.

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