Monday, December 27, 2004


My previous post caused a little confusion, so I'll try to explain my point.

In America, there are American Muslims. People that were born and raised here. People that go to Mosque faithfully, believe in God and believe in charitable works. These are not ordinary Muslims. They are far outside the mainstream. They have been "Westernized." They are part of the American fabric and fit in very well.

The majority of Muslims are not so nice. They hate America. They view us as unclean infidels. No matter what we do, we cannot change that opinioin. The Koran and tolerance of any non-Muslim religion does not mix. They are commanded by Mohammed (a truly viscious warrior) to convert non-Muslims. Those that cannot be converted must be destroyed and/or subjugated.

Many people don't truly understand the difference. The Muslims they know are westernized. They are nice people - friends, neighbors. They can't comprehend the unbridled hatred that the majority of Muslims feel for Christians and Jews. They really do have a cartoonish, evil desire for world domination.

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