Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Tsunami and Politics 2

Here we go, it is getting stupid.

The LA Times - Bush was slow, always has been, always will be, blew a great PR opportunity.

and, Bush isn't really concerned, he's just showcasing concern - gee, wouldn't that qualify as "news analysis," as the LA Times like to call their lefty editorials.

The Washington Post - the tsunami is a great excuse to get out of Iraq!

The New York Times - this one is so full of bullshit, it is hard to know where to start.
Bush's original pledge of $15M was embarrassing and piddling...even though it came with an aircraft carrier and Marine strike force.
The UN is going to redeem itself...even though they've already been taking credit for things they didn't do and are busy getting down to the business of disaster relief by setting up a four-star hotel and 24 catering for themselves.
Finally, at least for the crap I'll point out, none of the money we pledge will ever get spent.

CNN - they think celebrities are oh so generous because they are going to perform for free in another telethon. Once again, I say forget the telethon and give a million a piece. They can afford it. Sandra Bullock did it, why can't the rest of them. I'll bet Rosie O'Donnel gives a bundle too. Leonardo DiCaprio also pledged something. I wonder if the Times will track him...sorry, that won't happen, he's a democrat.

As a side note, USA Today tells of the evil of cows. I think my story is better.

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