Friday, November 12, 2004

Someone reads my crap!

Two comments on the King George post! Wow. I'm amazed, even if one is from my wonderful daughter.

Economy - as oil continues to fall, the economy will continue to grow. However, it is all up to businesses now. They have to start spending some profits and upgrade machinery and do all those mundane business things that really kick the economy into gear. The current growth is fairly small and is mostly fueled by consumers. I think a good Christmas season will be a turning point...if it happens. So, everyone should send me really expensive gifts.

Iraq - The terrorists were dealt a decisive blow when King George was re-elected. They had hopes that continued attacks would weaken him and give them a US president that was more French than American and would follow the traditional "cheese-eating-surrender-monkey" role. Now, they have unleashed the deadliest fighting force in the world on themselves. They are absolutely no match for the US. We always learn from our mistakes and will crush them in urban warfare. Elections will be held and the Iraqi people will taste true freedom and be changed forever by it. The US will lavish them with support and other middle eastern countries will get the message.

King George - this is a play of words from my childhood. "King" was an '80's colloquialism in central PA. It was a simple word that rolled the meanings of cool, fantastic, super, excellent, etc. all into a short easy to use term. Not only did I dislike John Kerry as a candidate, I liked George Bush. Growing up as a Reagan child, I see many parallels between the two men. Both had vision, goals and determination regardless of what the MSM had to say about it. I hope that my children remember him when they hit the voting booth for the first time and compare all future candidates to him, as I do with Reagan. I believe history will treat him kindly and he'll be viewed as one of the best presidents of all time.

There are many things that my libertarian insticts rebel against, like the Patriot Act, but all in all, King George is my man. I hope his successor is just as strong.

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