Monday, January 09, 2006

Slide show of words

Here is the recap from the past 10 months.

April - the wife went to Iraq for four months. She is a civilian working for the Army and volunteered to spend some time in Baghdad. I get to be Mr. Mom. It isn't the first time. Near the end of her military career, she went overseas for a full year. The project was also incredibly busy.

May - mostly project work and keeping up with the kids. We had a nice tradition of doing something family oriented on Saturdays like watching a movie or playing miniature golf. One of my daughters broke up with her boyfriend and entered into the whole teen angst scene. Bitchy, whiney, etc. I was ready to sell her to anyone that was brave enough to take her.

June - Same as may. Exactly the same, except it was warmer.

July - The wife came home. To celebrate her return, we went to her 2nd favorite restaurant. Some nice people heard us talking about coming back from Iraq and bought our dinner. That seemed like a bit much, so I had the waitress charge them for the wife's meal and I picked up the rest of us. Very nice of them and good to know there are people out there that support the work she does. Four days after her return, we went on a private cruise. I rented a crewed sailboat for a week in the Virgin Islands. Best thing I ever did. We all had fun, got tan/burned, saw fabulous sites, collected some nice treasure, ate well, drank too much and jumped naked from a bar/boat. What a blast.

August - The project blew up. We came up to the budget limit and everything came to a screaching halt. We moved to maintenance - which meant that I did everything by myself. I didn't slow down, I just had no one to help me.

September - uneventful, except for a big anniversary party. I had two siblings that had been married near the same time and we all chipped in for the party. The whole family was there and we had a great time.

October - totally uneventful, except a return trip to the Virgin Islands for the wife and I to look at time shares. We bought two weeks worth. Very nice.

November - the parties started. Thanksgiving, then on to December.

December - two decent holiday parties hosted, lots of Christmas cheer. All in all, this was the best year of our lives.

Now - same shit, different day. I continue to slog through this project and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Although, the new company taking over the software is so screwed up, I think I'll be working this forever.

Howard still has the heartbeat thing going on. It is starting to get really annoying. I hope he goes live soon.

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