Wednesday, March 23, 2005

CNN is funny!

HA, HA, HA, HA. CNN is trying to up its ratings. They don't plan to do anything too drastic, like giving all sides of a story, reporting real news, giving fair analysis. They just want to tweak the way Larry King turns things over to Aaron Brown.

What's funny is that no one at CNN realizes that we watch Larry for two reasons. One, old people that love Larry (like trailer park queens love Dr. Phil) watch out of habit. Larry is down to about a million viewers per night. I'd say thats because viewers are dying.

Two, Larry is a train wreck! Everyone loves a trainwreck! He gets nutty guests with extreme opinions. Did you see the Johnny Carson tribute? Joan Rivers cried without letting her face move - it looked more like a leaking baby doll toy - and all the other old men were trying to one up each other with "I knew Johnny when" stories. It was totally hilarious.

I think CNN just needs to admit that Comedy Central is its real competition and go after them full force....they might even get me to watch.

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