Friday, March 18, 2005

Not safer, but pain free

Radley Balko links to a post about the "Drug War." I often agree with him, but this is the kind of doctor that should be put away. Basically, anyone that wanted could show up, pay cash and get a prescription of choice. This is bad medicine. As a chronic pain patient, I want to see guys like this locked up for a variety of reasons.

First, it gives the Feds something to do...which means they will leave my doctor alone.

Second, this guy is giving a bad rap to any legitimate pain patients. I'm not sure how long I'd survive without some sort of relief. I have a legitimate pain doctor that has me on appropriate medications, physical therapy and meditation techniques. Simply prescribing pain killers doesn't help the patient.

Third, this guy is facilitating a fast slide in life for a whole bunch of people. Unemployment, family problems, theft - anything to get the cash for the next fix. He made it easy to get that fix.

Fourth, I believe (but have no proof) that addicts take money out of my pocket - addiction centers, ER visits, welfare, etc. Not too many drug addicts are contributing to society, which means they are taking away. Semantics aside, there are government give-aways and drug addicts are getting and I'm giving. The less leaches, the smaller the system.

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