Monday, March 21, 2005

Iraq Report

My wife is in the Green Zone in Baghdad. She is working there as a civilian for a few months. I was extremely worried about the whole thing, but, as it turns out, Baghdad isn't as bad as we believed.

She has two major complaints.

1. Office Politics - her accomodations are fine, the food is decent enough and not too institutional, but the office politics are driving her nuts. Lazy and/or incompetent people that cause her extra work. Sounds just like home.

2. Bad Hair Days - every time she leaves her building to go to chow or back to her quarters, she has to wear a flack jacket and helmet. The helmet messes up her hair. She's very, very annoyed by that. After leaving the harsh wet weather, she thought she'd have some good hair days in the desert.

All in all, I'd say Baghdad isn't as bad as everyone thinks. Yes, she's in the Green Zone, but even that has been touted as being dangerous and deadly.

She has heard some explosions and seen smoke pillars from various attacks, but nothing even close. All of the attacks that she mentioned didn't even show up on the news...which makes me wonder what the MSM is actually doing while they are there.

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