Friday, February 25, 2005

Liberal? Conservative? Libertarian?

A little of each, I think. I figure that I ought to post my personal political leanings so it is in writing and anyone that wants to argue with me about something will know where I'm coming from.

I'm a fiscal conservative. I don't think taxes should be collected so they can be given to other people that aren't doing something useful. I don't like welfare, subsidies or social security. Yes, I see many exceptions to that rule of thumb - physical and mental handicapps, etc.

The libertarian in me says that government should be as small as possible, to grant the maximum amount of freedoms. But that is tempered with common sense.

The liberal in me is all about helping others and agree with liberals, to a point, on many issues - from abortion to the environment to gay marriage.

No, I not a moral equivalest...or whatever they are called. I believe there is a moral right and a moral wrong.

I am a bit of a warmonger. I don't see the point of having the biggest stick unless you use it once in a while. A mix of positive and negative reinforcement seems appropriate.

These are general, rules of thumb. I try to use my own common sense, formed through my own experiences. I know there are exceptions to those rules.

I give money to charities that I trust.

I have great respect for many people - Tom Palmer on the libertarian front, Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush on the republican front, Hillary Clinton or Tom Warner on the democratic side. They all seem to have good ideas, good moral character and a good dose of common sense. They aren't perfect, I don't agree with all they do and they are a strange mix of people to admire, but in my book, they do more things right than they do wrong.

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