Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Look at me, I'm a real blogger.

My main area of expertise in life is VistA. That is the Veteran Health Administration's computerized patient record. I am also expert in the many VistA off-shoots such as CHCS, CHCS II, RPMS and VOE. I am also very, very well versed in higher education administration (not teaching) but my experience base is slightly dated. I can talk on these two subjects - healthcare IT and higher education - for hours on end with anyone interested. But, since it is my day job, I find it boring to do so. I want to blog about things that interest me outside of work. I am, afterall, a hobbiest blogger.

You will see posts related to both healthcare IT and higher education when something particularly interesting is happening. However, there are a few areas with regard to blogging that interest me much more.

9/11 was a truly defining moment in my life - I heard the explosion and watched the Pentagon burn. So Islamic terrorism is very interesting. Charles Johnson is right up my alley, but I don't go much beyond that.

I've been a Radley Balko fan for a very long time. I'm especially interested in his views on no-knock police raids simply because I find it an egregious assault on personal liberty. I'm also interested in his overall take on the drug war - specifically the prosecution of pain doctors. You see, I have EDS and my primary issue, besides dislocating things, is pain.

Like every other person on the planet, I read Instapundit and The Drudge Report on a daily basis.

Because I am not an expert in the areas that interest me for blogging, I will cheat. I want to give credit where credit is due. The Agitator, Little Green Footballs, Instapundit, Powerline and Captain's Quarters are the inspiration for my blog - in that order. I've tried and failed to be a blogger on several occasions. This time, I plan to stick to it.

I'm going to follow a few simple rules:

1. Post what I want.
2. Unmoderated comments.
3. Engage the readers.

Many blogs hold back posting things. I'm not claiming to be an expert, so I'll say what I think and let any readers that happen by set me straight. Since I'm posting what I want and I want people to read, I can't put limits on what they post. And, since the whole point of blogging, I think, is to engage in a larger dialog, I plan to engage the readers and respond as much as I can.

Welcome to my little home on the Web. I hope you are entertained.

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