Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Missed Opportunity

As a Dead Guy, I often fervently wish for specific people to join me in the afterlife – meaning I wish people dead.

You may think me a bad person for it or silly or inhumane or even insane. But, I believe that this planet would be much better off if certain people could no longer dirty it with their presence.

This was a missed opportunity to make my wish come true.

The six Imams did the following things to get themselves removed from that airplane purposely:

  • They prayed loudly and inappropriately in the terminal before boarding.
  • Positioned themselves on the plane in a pattern reminiscent of the 9/11 hijackers – two in the front, two in the middle in exit rows and two in the rear of the plane. No, they were not sitting in their assigned seats.
  • They asked for seatbelt extenders, but placed them on the floor in front of the in an “at the ready” position, rather than wearing them.
  • They carried on loud conversations in which they denounced the US involvement in Iraq.

I wish everyone that was at the little prayer sessions in both the Minneapolis Airport and Reagan National Airport were here with me now, in the after-life, so I could show them that my pimp-hand is strong.

An earthquake, lightning strike, tornado or a freak accident would put a smile on my face.

If a bunch of Catholics tried to hold mass at an airport in Saudi Arabia, what do you think would happen?

If a bunch of Baptists tried to hold a Bible study session at an airport in Iran, what do you think would happen?

If a generic Christian simply made the sign of the cross at an airport in Turkey, what do you think would happen?

In each case above, the cited example demonstrates what happens to people who aren't making a public political statement. If my theoretical examples came true, those people would likely die rather quickly. They would either be murdered outright, on the spot or put in a prison to die slowly. It wouldn't be done by some radical or terrorist. The people in the airport who just happened to be passing by would go nuts and mob them. If the protestors survived, the governments would take care of the rest.

These six Imams are pushing a political agenda and the Christians and Jews that accompanied them are too weak and foolish to see that. In all cases, I fervently hope that these people are planted quickly. I don’t want slow or horrible or painful. I’m just wishing for the “end” result.

I am NOT advocating that anyone actually do something to cause the death of another individual. That is definitely wrong, immoral, evil and illegal - in most cases. But, I am hoping that nature will take its course quickly. A plane crash would be poetic.

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