Sunday, November 26, 2006

Paul Campos - Hack?

The Rocky Mountain News has an article by an alleged law professor where-in he expounds on economics and the military draft. Does anyone think he is a hack since he is completely wrong with every fact he uses to support his position? Personally, I'd be afraid to hire him as my lawyer or send my child to his classes.

I sent him the following e-mail:

You are horribly uninformed. Have you done any research on this subject at all? Have you at least reviewed the Heritage Foundation study that uses the census data to clearly demonstrate that the US military is exactly the opposite of what you described? Military recruits are more middle-class, more rural, better educated and whiter than the general population. Additional studies demonstrate that in combat jobs, all minorities are under-represented as compared to the general population.

To provide you with some anecdotal evidence, my household is in the top 1% of income earners in the US. I paid cash for my daughter’s first semester of college – tuition, books, housing, a car and $500 per month just to blow. But, she just joined the ROTC and was awarded the coveted full scholarship. That is a scholarship you have to work for by basically working with and for the military representatives on campus for free and then passing a board, examination and physical readiness test. In other words, you really have to want it.

My wife works for the US Army Corps of Engineers as a civilian. She is also retired military. Because she can’t serve any longer, she applied for and got the job and then volunteered to go to Baghdad for four months – all so she could feel as though she was doing her part.

Don’t belittle the military with your uninformed leftist propaganda. You really have no idea what you are talking about and are simply repeating talking points that are popular with the far left. I suggest you research this topic more thoroughly and write a follow-up column that is based on the facts.

I’m not saying your opinion isn’t valid. Rangel’s point that those in power might think twice if their children were forced to go to war is probably a good one. But, the facts you use to support that opinion are dead wrong.

I hope I get a response.

Maybe the government should re-instate the draft – but a better solution is a draft that centers purely on the families of congressmen and senators – the people that actually authorized the war.

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