Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Why would someone be a kamikaze...or a homicide bomber?

When the kamikaze “craze” started, the outcome of the Pacific war was already clear. But, these pilots were convinced that they would be the Japanese equivalent of martyrs and that their deaths would save thousands of lives by delaying the US invasion of mainland Japan long enough for the Emperor and his generals to prepare the people to defend Japan. Serving the Emperor was tantamount in the Japanese culture of the time. The kamikaze pilots weren’t trying to win the war or kill sailors, they were trying to damage the war-fighting capabilities of the US and delay our Navy and Marines from continued island hopping.

This correlates to the purpose of the homicide bomber. They will be martyrs with all the trappings. They will help extend the caliphate across the globe and be rewarded in heaven for their effort. It is a very powerful reward to them. The key difference is that a homicide bomber’s goals are purely political. They know that the US military can’t be defeated.

The homicide bombing and political after-math shows the weakness. The calculus was simple and it is working. They bombed us on 9/11. We react by invading someone and looking askance at devout Muslims at home. The invaded country and the oppressed Muslims at home become victims. Victim-hood provides political status. Political status equals political power. Power equals more recruits. We just elected the first Muslim to congress – Keith Ellison from Minnesota. He has ties to radical Islam and the Nation of Islam. He is the first win in a larger war.

The homicide bombers are probing attacks that are designed to find our political weaknesses. As commenter Philip Cassini pointed out, there needs to be a follow up to exploit that weakness, but he is misses the form of the follow-up. Exploitation of that weakness is a three pronged attack that is already under way:

1. A soft invasion of Europe. They immigrate, breed hate and generally cause trouble. If they can get a strong response from somewhere, they can rally a billion Muslims world-wide to the cause of the oppressed Muslim minority.

2. Friday prayers. They imams to preach hate. They blame all the ills in the Muslim countries on an external force – the Jews, America or democracy. They encourage riots and protests to foment that hate into action and try to intimidate the rest of the world.

3. Power projection. They continue to work on a nuclear program and strive to get an atomic bomb. With that bomb, they can wield a tremendous amount of political power and dominate the Middle East. Just the threat of the bomb has Europe running to give them goodies to make them stop and the UN Security Counsel arguing over meaningless sanctions. Imagine the ruckus when they test a bomb – they’ll have real power and they can easily rally a billion Muslims to their cause.

The world is in trouble. Militant Islam is front and center on the political stage. If forced to choose between your God and your country – which would you choose? I am certain that anyone that is deeply religious would choose their God. Those that aren’t deeply religious will see the others that choose God and just go along for the ride. Many non-Muslims will convert out of fear - hoping to be "Muslim light" just to get by and not cause any trouble. I think we can count on Muslims throughout the world, regardless of how devout, to choose their God over thier country.

I think we’re all in for quite a spot of trouble. Maybe not today, tomorrow or even next year, but certainly within my lifetime. Personally, I hope it is all over before my son turns 18. I'd gladly serve my country again, but I couldn't stand to see him off to war.

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