Monday, November 20, 2006

Party Time

I can't believe how busy I am - like you people that don't ever read my blog care!

I've hosted dinner parties the past three weekends, this week is Thanksgiving (Happy Thanksgiving) that I'm hosting, next week is a work party that I'm hosting, the next week is a Christmas Party (Merry Christmas) that I'm hosting, the next week is a trip to Mexico for a Christmas Party (Merry Christmas, again) for work, the next week is Christmas (Merry Christmas for real) with family coming, the next week is New Years (Happy New Years) and the next week is my daughters' (twins, so the punctuation is correct, loser) birthday(Happy Birthday)! Man, I'm going to need a vacation. I think I need one just for writing such an incredibly long run-on sentence...or maybe a lobotomy would solve both.

I wouldn't mind it too much if my EDS didn't bother me so much right now. I can't seem to do anything without injuring something. Thankfully, I have a hot-tub. I think I'll write a blog post from there tonight.

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