Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The new front

CAIR is calling for Muslims traveling for the hajj to report incidents of discrimination. They've even set up a hot-line to call. They win this battle no matter what, but I'm going to choose the method of defeat.

If the hot-line is used and many complaints are received, they will say something like "see, I told you we were being discriminated against." If LGF gets involved and the commenters and readers flood the line with crap, they'll say something like, "the discrimination is pervasive and bigots are harassing us.”

I like the bigot angle, so I for one will be calling the line as often as I possibly can to both run up the 800 bill in an effort to shut down the phone line or to tie up the line to limit the number of baseless complaints. If they are going to call me a bigot, so be it. I'd prefer that to the airlines lowering security in an effort to appease them. It is better to be a bigot than to be dead.

My personal feelings are that no Muslim can complain about being profiled or harassed if they are not speaking out loudly and clearly against militant Islam. They can speak by changing mosques away from radical preachers, supporting the victims of 9/11 and other attacks by making organized and high-profile donations to charity and by writing letters to the editors of local papers or starting blogs.

It is far past the time that the "good" Muslims take a stand against the "bad" Muslims.

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