Friday, December 01, 2006

Buy Australian

Please, buy Australian. The Aussies deserve all the support, in every form, that we can give them.

Why do they deserve it? Because in the entire history of the two nations, any time that the United States has gone to war, the Australians have been at our side - EVERY time.

We've had political differences with Australia over the years. They don't like our nuclear powered ships to port there, they protest some of our policies and the relations with this or that president have been up or down. Often, they seriously disagree with the war or engagement we are entering. But, no matter what, the people of Australia have been at our sides when we needed it. They ALWAYS have our backs.

If you can't invest there or travel there or spend money there in other ways, just buy a bottle of Australian wine to give as a gift over Christmas or New Years. The bonus is that Australian wine is actually excellent wine. I host a series of work and social parties over the holidays each year and that is all that I serve.

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