Saturday, January 29, 2005

Canadian Socia-Capitalism

So, my lovely daughter attends college in Canada. She recently had a project for her business class where the students had to start and operate a "business" - more commonly known in the US as a fund-raiser.

Her group chose to open a hot dog stand where they sold, remarkably, hot dogs! And, a few other things like soda and sausages.

They quickly found out that there were cyclical sales periods that coincided with the beginning and end of scheduled classes. So as to not sit idly, one young woman trekked inside the buildings and chased down professors to sell hot dogs to. She did fairly well and even got some very generous tips.

The students did a remarkable job and turned a nice profit for the day. They invested their own money, set up everything themselves, did all the work and kept all the books. The professor provided very minimal assistance and guidance.

When all was said and done, the university kept the money. No one is really sure what the money went to. But, the university does have it.

So, there you go, teach students to be capitalists for the betterment of the state - socio-capitalism.

No word on whether the hot dogs were kosher and free of Mad Cows and or human remains.

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