Thursday, February 24, 2005

Supreme Litmus test.

Via Powerline, I hopped to Hugh Hewitt, who pointed me to this post by Carol Platt Liebaou in which she complains that liberals are going to argue against assumed Supreme Court Nominee Michael Luttig based on the premise that he should be recused from death penalty cases because his father was murdered and he gave a victim impact statement at his father's trial.

Wew! This is really a stretch - by everyone involved.

First, we have to assume that Michael Luttig will be nominated to the Supreme Court - safe assumption, maybe, but still an assumption.

Second, we have to assume that liberals are going to argue against him - again, safe assumption.

Third, we have to assume that the liberals will use this argument - this is where it gets dicey. The only one making the assertion that liberals will/might use this argument is Hugh Hewitt and Carol Platt Liebaou.

Fourth, we have to assume that people will take the the "parrot lady" Laura LaFay (why does she write about parrots so much?) and her arguments seriously.

Fifth, we have to assume that Laura LaFay (or anyone else) even considers this an argument against the Judge. It is an argument she didn't actually make. She just reported on a few lawyers trying to get Judge Luttig recused (smart tactical move I think, though I'm not a lawyer) for just that reason. LaFay's big cause seems to be prison conditions. She also seems to be a bleeding heart liberal and has held the standard liberal line on Abu Graib while connecting it to US prison conditions.

This seems to me to be just a way to beat up on liberals for something they haven't actually done yet. Powerline, Hugh Hewitt and Carol Platt LieBaou should be ashamed. This is the same type of misleading crap that bloggers accuse the media of perpetrating. IF someone actually tries to use this argument, I'll jump on the bandwagon condemning it. But, unless they have some sort of evidence that this is in the works, they should all just lay off.

It is easy enough these days to beat up on liberals without having to invent things.

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