Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Deep in the heart of Texas

So, I went to Texas last week - Dallas to be exact. It seemed like a very nice place. I was strange to see barren trees during such warm weather. I was also interested in the trees that didn't lose their leaves. I don't know what they were, but they were green and it was a nice break from the stripped clean mountains.

The place was also surprisingly clean. The roads didn't have any stones on them. I guess it is the lack of snow and salt trucks.

My one bad experience was a highly annoying bus ride. There was some wench sitting a few seats back babbling incessantly about whatever popped into her head.

I was highly amused by all the billboards. They were advertising specifically to Texas. In the mountains, the billboards just advertise something - Hardee's, Sheetz, beer, etc. In Texas, they relate the product specifically to Texas. There was a billboard for Crown Royal that had a regular size bottle and a "Texas" size bottle. American Airlines proclaimed that it "does Texas better."

The buildings were very cool looking. Not too many standard sky scrapers. The buildings had lots of architectural detail and design. Even the sound barriers on the highway had cement caps and some keystone looking things.

The traffic was relatively light and there didn't seem to be much construction going on. It seemed to say that the area was stagnant, but there were far too many small businesses to bear that out.

The oddest thing - Walmart, Target, Pizza Hut, Calico Corners, etc. make you feel at home, but Sonny Bryans smokehouse bbq and Landry's Seafood let you now you are in Texas.

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