Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Politicos are all Crazy

First, Maurice Hinchey sees Karl Rove behind every bush. Can you believe it? If Rove is really that much of an evil genius, he will be ruling the world in a few years. That is just paranoia in the extreme. Rove must be loving this. Imagine the power you would feel when you absolutely know that you have gotten into your opponents head to this degree.

Then, good ol' Charlie Rangel thinks the term Islamic Terrorist is racist:

Asked about the refusal by some European governments to declare Hezbollah an Islamic terror group, Rangel told WWRL’s Steve Malzberg and Karen Hunter, “To call it Islamic terror is discriminating, it’s bigoted, it is not the right thing to say.”
Rangel even questioned whether, in fact, a worldwide Islamic terrorist movement even existed, saying, “We just take for granted that there is an Islamic terror movement because we do have some fanatic people who come from Islamic countries.”
The Harlem Democrat complained: “When we had the Ku Klux Klan we didn’t call them Baptist terrorists. When Hitler was killing Jews, we didn’t call it Christian terrorists.”

Baptist terrorists? Christian terrorists? Is he really that stupid? What did the KKK and Hitler have to do with religion? Neither group ever claimed to be doing the work of God. That's just stupid.

Finally, even PowerLine's John Hinderaker flew off the handle. Like a man, he admitted his mistake, apologized and moved on. Much better than the lunatics at other, more liberal sites.

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