Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Silly Radley, Its "For The People"

Radley Balko is confused by Kevin Drum's logic. I can explain.

Drum is very consistent in his views. It just doesn't make sense to a Libertarian, because, well, the logic is designed to not make sense, but sound like it does.

Radley views the logic from a freedom perspective - freedom of choice, freedom of association, freedom from government interference. It all makes good logic and good sense to most of us. But, Drum uses different logic. It is NONSENSICAL LOGIC. It is a great tool for the left to use. They can make all kinds of nonsensical claims and then back it up with logical, intelligent thought that the rest of us aren't smart enough to understand. Look:

It is good for the people for the government to prevent the people from smoking.
It is good for the people to prevent the government from taking their property.
It is good for the people for the government to protect their sexual preferences.
It is good for the people for the government not to go to war.
It is good for the people for the government to censor television and radio.

Never mind the whole state's consistently respecting property rights junk and the lack of reasoning behind whether it is really good for the people or not. All that is important is that people like Drum understand.

They understand why the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz is smart. The wizard gave him a diploma, which he didn't need, because he was always smart, even though his head is filled with straw. He just needed proof that he was smart, which suddenly made him a math genius, showing he was smart. But, he didn't have to show he was smart. We knew he was smart because we have proof - he has a diploma! See?

It is logic, it just doesn't make any sense. I'll give you an example that maybe you can understand.

Nickels are money.
Pennies are money.
I have three pennies.
You have one nickel.
Three pennies weigh more than one nickel.
I have more money than you.

It is very logical, it just doesn't make sense. Don't get all worked up over people like that. It will only frustrate you. Don't ask for consistency, because they are being consistent, its "for the people."

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